The poem of the lazy and disabled Zen says: "the world is not as long as the hills. Green pines cover the sun, and green streams run long. The mountain clouds are the curtain, and the moon is the hook. I'm lying under the rose, a stone pillow. If you do not look to the emperor, do you envy princes. There is no worry about life and death. Water and moon are invisible. I'm always at peace. Ten thousand laws are born of nothing. If you have nothing to sit on, the grass will turn green in spring. " Life is originally bitter. Only when we are not afraid of suffering can we feel it. Every day, I laugh heartlessly, laugh heartlessly and cry heartlessly. The most favorite verse of the Buddha's verse is: "if there is a fate, there is no fate to live. If there is a breeze, it will send white clouds." Let your heart be like a mirror, so that you can see everything clearly and clearly, with empty shadows and flowers, and forget when you look at them. The moon outside the window is dim, the insects chirp, and everything is still. Indoor, on the computer table, a bottle of violet, a glass of half green water. Happiness is your own, just a feeling. Taste a cup of tea, write a few words, listen to a piece of music, happiness is full of heart, that kind of happy feeling, slowly diffuse. It's late at night. The whole world is sleeping. Outside the courtyard, the lotus, is it beginning to dream? Walking out, in the yard, the shadow floats, the moon is like water, and the shadow of trees is whirling. It's a little cool. It's autumn after all. I'm an idle person. I'm free in body and mind. I don't worry about it any more. I can enjoy the peace in the moonlight alone.